• Annual Circulation/Readership Audit ($2500 Average Value per Member Publication-Associate members are eligible for the audit at a discounted rate of 38% off )
  • Audit marketing to 2500 Regional Agencies,
    Third party marketing to your top 50 clients
    Audit training (Use your audit as a marketing tool – Unlimited Value)

  • Room, meals and entertainment at the WCP convention each year ($750 – $1,000 Value per member publication)
  • Networking (Priceless)
  • Top Notch professional seminars/webinars several times per year ($200-500 per person attending per seminar)
  • Additional Income Opportunity selling WCAN classified ads (Unlimited Value – one member paper nets approximately $43,000 annually selling WCAN classifieds)
  • Additional Income Opportunity selling WCP 2 x 2/2 x 4 Display Ads (Unlimited Value)
  • Free use of the WCP Lending Library. A wide variety of training videos and audios by the best in the training industry (the sky is the limit -$1,100 value)
  • Opportunities to compete for statewide Annual Ad Awards and Production contests, and subsequent recognition (Builds esteem with your advertisers and readers-invaluable $100)
  • Inclusion in the WCP directory when published which is used at your paper and as a marketing tool sent to individuals and Midwestern ad agencies (Priceless sales tool)
  • Smart Start Industry training tapes (Valuable sales training tool – $300.00)
  • WCP Newsletters (Latest scoop on your association and your industry)
  • Three-minute Idea Exchange. Earn cash awards. Share ideas. Fantastic opportunities to take home revenue generating ideas (No limit to the possibilities of new income)
  • University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Industry Survey ($625.00 per paper)
  • WCP Website (Our Value for all to see)
  • Credit Card Services (Savings!)
  • Internet Testing Services-Peak Performance Associates (Avoid costly hiring mistakes- $100-300 underwritten)
  • Opportunities to win cash or prizes by running space available display ads
  • Marketing Efforts (Minimum $600.00 value per paper)
  • WCP Marketing Efforts to State and Regional Ad Agencies
    WCP Marketing Materials & Advertising

  • Quick Ad Wizard ($11,000 Value)
  • MultiAd Co-op Sales director ($900 Value)
  • Tinbu – Interactive Web content (Minimum $1000 value + opportunity for additional revenue stream by linking to their website)
  • PaperChain (Value for years to come- $300)
    • Membership in PaperChain
    • National Public Relations Initiative ($300)
      • Trade Shows
      • Press Releases
      • Marketing
      • Fisher House Initiative (National exposure)
      • July Free Paper Month
    • Education/Training
      • Monthly Link & Learn Tip Sheets ($200)
      • Quarterly Link & Earn ideas
    • SRDS Listing – advertising online and in print ($2300 per year)


Over $22,000 per paper monetary value alone! Plus, value of all non-monetary benefits!

The actual value is much higher, as these values are negotiated group or long term contract prices that would be far greater if purchased individually.