1. Any political or personal opinion/religious ads must have the name and address of person or group printed in the ad.

2. Name, street, and city address and phone number of person submitting the ad must accompany all ads submitted to WCP. If the person is submitting the ad for an organization, the name of the organization must also be included.

3. NO ads that require or encourage sending money through the mail…


Widgets, send $5 to PO Box 123, Anytown

Correct ad samples:

Widgets, $5, 800-111-2222


Widgets, $5, write for details, PO Box 123, Anytown

Rationale: Consumer will have to contact seller personally rather than taking the ad at face value.

4. Employment ads should clearly state the position they have to offer and whether the salary (if stated) is weekly, monthly, etc.

5. Adoption ads must be accompanied by a letter from a licensed attorney verifying the authenticity.

6. NO credit card, i.e.: “Gold card, BankCard” ads.

7. NO personal loan, mortgage ads unless licensed in the State of Wisconsin.

8. NO Debt Consolidation ads unless licensed in the State of Wisconsin or registered in Wisconsin with a 501C tax-exempt status.

9. NO Information Publication ads if they violate any of the above guidelines.

The following ad types, while accepted by WCAN, may be against some individual publication’s guidelines. Therefore, they may not run this type of ad.

*Palm reader, fortuneteller, astrology, psychic or hypnotist ads *Ads for employment overseas.
*Ads promoting Chain Letters.
*900 telephone number ads
*Ads for any type of drugs or medications

An advertiser will not be allowed to utilize the WCAN network, if he owes any member for past WCAN ads.

Revised 8/26/15