Wisconsin Community Papers

Established in 1939, Wisconsin Community Papers (WCP) at 76 years is one of the oldest Free Community Paper associations in the country and a leader in the industry.

Our mission is “to be a resource for our members to enable them to be successful now and in the future”. As that resource, we provide education and training for our members to give them that marketing edge. We are the contact point for our members on business and legal matters that impact our industry. As a function of our mission, WCP works to promote Wisconsin’s community papers and the free community paper industry in general as a viable marketing/advertising vehicle for clients across the state and across the nation. Lastly, we provide a forum for networking and exchanging of ideas by tapping the collective resources of all members and equipping member publications with the ability to compete successfully in their respective markets.

We promote ethical business practices through a Code of Ethics and provide a statewide audit by an independent auditing firm (Circulation Verification Council) for a majority of our members to quantify and validate our member claims. Earning our reader’s trust is paramount to our credibility and success.